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The 7 Stages of a Bachelorette Party

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Unless your bachelorette party consists of a tight-knit group of besties (or doesn't include drinking), your last hurrah as a single lady will probably look a little something like this: 1. The weekend kicks off with a deep mistrust of bride's "other" friends who are not you. The feeling is mutual.
2. Then comes the obligatory, polite sipping of champagne… …coupled with uncertain dance moves, while the group silently wonders when s**ts going to get cray. 3. Finally, someone tentatively suggests… shots? 4. Which leads to: DANCE PARTY!!!! And, naturally, late night snacks… …and someone eventually crying… …until you all pass out. 6. The next morning, you all wake up feeling something like this: 7. And you leave the weekend feeling bonded to your new friends… …and super excited to hit the dance floor again together at the wedding.  
Natasha Burton
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Writer living in Santa Barbara, CA.
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