How to Prep for Your Proposal—Without Being too Obvious About It

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Some marriage proposals come as a total surprise, but usually, there's a gut feeling, a dropped hint from a friend, or a big upcoming event on the horizon to indicate that the big question is coming soon. You may drive yourself a little crazy trying to figure out how and when it’s going to happen.
In many cases, you and your partner have had conversations about what you want for your futures, your long term compatibility as well as sharing your lives together.  Perhaps you even have gone ring shopping together. 
You may be feeling like it could happen any minute, and the anticipation is building with excitement and nerves. 
While you don't want to stress yourself out preparing for your partner to drop down on one knee—especially if your hunch isn't actually correct—there are a few easy things you can do to make sure you're ready for the big moment. 
Here's how to prep for the proposal without going overboard in anticipation.

Reflect on your response 

You’re likely going to be filled with emotion and excitement, so finding words may be difficult unless you’ve thought it through just a little.
Aside from saying yes (which, hopefully is a no-brainer!), you may want to feel into something you'd like to say or do that’s meaningful for your relationship.
Planning a brief response and going through it a few times will help you deal with the anticipation energy, and will help you to find the words in the big moment should you be tongue tied - not to mention it’s fun to rehearse!

Get your nails done 

Your hands will be the star of the show for that ring pic. Treat yourself to a manicure so that they look their best. If you're not into nail polish, just ask for clear top coat or something simple, or go all out with your favorite nail style. 
Practice that ring selfie. When you have the ring on your finger, you just may just need some extended, quality time with your camera. Some like to show off the ring more obviously, and others choose to be more subtle about their change of relationship status, opting for a casual shot that gently displays the ring.
You don't have to post a selfie on social media but you may want a fun photo with your ring—and your fiancé!—after the proposal so you can capture the memory forever. There's nothing wrong with doing a test run (or 20) so you can get the angle just right in the actual moment. You may want to delete the evidence, just in case!

Be (mostly) camera ready

While you don’t want to go crazy with formal wear every time you go out, it may not be the time to just leave the house in sweats and a messy bun. If you and your partner are the types that like to document, they may very well have a photographer waiting for the moment! 
Even if it’s just the two of you, you may want to mark the event with some pictures. Just be ready enough so you know you will be happy if there are pictures taken.

Think about how you might want to handle sharing the news

Take a second to contemplate how and when you'd like to share the news with family and friends as well as on social media.  That's going to come up pretty soon after the question is popped. 
Some couples like to have some special time with their secret news, letting it sink in and marinate first. Others can't wait to blast it on the socials far and wide, reading and re-reading everyone’s response. Keep in mind once your family and friend’s find out they are going to start asking all the questions about when and where the wedding will be. You may not want to answer those yet!
It’s good to have a general idea of where you stand on this before the proposal. 

Wear waterproof mascara

Even if you think you're not a crier, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
While no amount of preparation can guarantee the perfect response, it’s always better to feel as ready as you can be for this life changing moment!
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