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5 Things You Should Never Compromise On In a Relationship

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Relationships are all about compromise. Whether it's deciding what restaurant to hit up for dinner or whose family to celebrate the holidays with, there will always be give and take. That said, some things are non-negotiable. And if your S.O. is asking you to compromise on any of the following points, it could be a red flag... Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels

1. Your Family.

It's okay if your partner and your family don't get along flawlessly. What's not okay is if your S.O. questions your relationship with them. A loving partner should respect your family ties no matter what.

2. Your Career Goals.

Chances are, you've been working towards these goals for quite some time. Whether you want to start a non-profit, become a doctor, or be a stay at home parent, you should never let your partner try to talk you out of something passionate about.

3. Your Friends.

Your partner should never ask you to burn bridges with your friends just because he or she doesn't like them. If your S.O. chooses not to hang out with your friends, that's fine, but he or she should never make you feel bad for spending time with them.

4. Your Health.

You should never feel pressured by your partner to participate in unhealthy behavior. If you don't want to drink, smoke, use drugs, skip your workout, you shouldn't allow your partner to convince you otherwise.

5. Your Interests.

You should never feel like you don't have time to do the things you love because you're in a relationship. It's important to share common interests and enjoy activities together, but it's also important to find a partner who allows you to have some alone time to enjoy your interests. Don't quit doing something great just because your partner doesn't like it.
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