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15 Things Every Person is Thinking During The Proposal Process

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Proposing is pretty much like boarding one of the biggest, baddest, emotional roller coasters! 
From excitement to nervousness to pure terror, here are fifteen thoughts that will definitely go down when popping the question:
1. "Wow, I am so lucky, I have finally found the one!"
2. "Now I've got to ask the future in-laws for their blessing… but do they really like me as much as I think they do?"
3. “Success! Now that I’ve got the green light to move forward, how and when should I propose?”
4. "I'm gonna get the perfect ring for my baby... Wait, what's a halo, the 4 C’s? Omg the price. HELP.”
5. "Why are there so many different cuts of diamonds? And shapes? And bands? And metals? HELP.”
6. “Ring size? How do I find that out without giving myself away?"
7. "How the heck am I going to disguise this huge, bulging  box in my pocket?"
8. “This is harder than I thought, are they on to me? How does anyone keep this a secret?"
9. "Okay, this is it. The biggest moment of my life. Don't blow it."
10. “I probably should have practiced this getting down on one knee thing at the gym.”
11. “Oh no what am saying? Am I even speaking english? Damn, I'm so nervous!"
12. "Was that a YES?!"
13. “YES it was a YES!"
14. “Sweet relief, I just made the best decision of my life."
15. "Okay, time to shout it from the rooftops!”
Alexia Conley
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