9 Not So Basic Bachelorette Destinations You Hadn't Even Considered

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You aren't basic so why should you have a basic bachelorette party? Mix things up and pick a totally non-traditional destination! Whether you opt for a stateside spot or an international vacay, here are nine cities you should seriously consider:

Austin, Texas

Good food, good music, good weather. Austin is the perfect mix of low key and party hard. Texas forever, y'all.

San Francisco, California

Enjoy mild temps while you take in the sights in this gorgeous city. Indulge in the fabulous food and allow yourselves to be tourists for a day or two.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Okay, we know this might feel a little far, but you can get some major deals when flying to Iceland. Home to gorgeous waterfalls, mountain hikes, and natural hot springs, you'll never run out of things to do (or photos to snap).

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a charming city with a wild side (and some really good food). Explore all day and hit the bar scene at night. Cheers!

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is the perfect place to unwind. Plan a spa day and don't forget to pack your swimsuit! There will be plenty of time to lay by the pool...

Marfa, Texas

This quirky small desert town of 2,000 residents has an eclectic art and music scene. It's also best known for its freestanding Prada store.

Napa Valley, California

Winos, this is the trip for you... Book a vineyard tour and taste away!

Portland, Oregon

Bring out your inner hipster in Portland. You can hit up plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and craft cocktail bars on this weekend trip.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Exotic, warm and only a short plane ride away!
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