7 Easy Ways to Save On Your Honeymoon

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You just spent a lot on your perfect wedding — so the thought of dishing out more cash for a honeymoon is totally overwhelming. Put your mind at ease and make your wallet happy with a few travel tricks for saving money. You may not save thousands, but every dollar counts!
 1. Stay in the country. 
You may have dreamed about a honeymoon in Paris or Brazil, but did your dream include the sticker shock of an international flight? By not traveling overseas, you’ll cut airfare significantly. Plus, there are plenty of romantic and adventurous destinations within the U.S. 
2. Be flexible about dates. 
Leaving the day after the wedding sounds delightful, but Sunday flights aren’t necessarily the most affordable. You’re more likely to get the cheapest flight available if you’re willing to leave in the middle the week. 
3. Avoid renting a car — at least for the whole trip.
With services like Uber and Lyft in most major cities (not to mention old-school public transportation), getting around won’t be hard. Plus, in urban areas, you can just walk or bike (exercise bonus!). If you have a mini road trip in the mix, rent the car just for that day instead of the whole trip. 
4. Don’t drive to the airport. 
Leaving your car in a pay-per-day lot at the airport is anything but cheap. Ask a friend or family member to drive you to the airport, or take a cab or shuttle. In the end, you’ll save enough to buy yourself a nice dinner on your trip. 
5. Get creative with lodging. 
A five-star hotel isn’t your only option! Consider renting an apartment or vacation home — it’s often more affordable. Home exchanges (a la The Holiday) are another fun option. Feeling adventurous? Go camping! 
6. Check as few bag as possible. 
Honeymoon challenge: Pack only as many outfits as you really need. Easier said than done, we know, but cutting down on luggage could save you a couple hundred bucks. Try to fit as much as you can into carry-on bags. Instead of checking one bag each, consolidate your stuff into one suitcase. 
7. Make your own meals. 
Not that you should cook every single meal for your whole honeymoon, but skipping the restaurant every once in a while can save some big bucks. After all, the cost of food, drinks and service adds up. Instead, plan a picnic in the park or, if you have access to a kitchen, make a romantic meal together. Or do lots of brunch — one meal is cheaper than two! If you're still feeling overwhelmed by the cost of your post-wedding getaway, plan a mini-moon — a weekend away won't cost you nearly as much as a full-blown honeymoon. Then, save up for a big honeymoon trip in the future. 
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