10 Cute Cold-Weather Date Ideas for the Winter

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So the sparkly party-filled holiday season is over—but this doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had in the following freezing months. Really, it doesn't get more romantic than cozying up in the cold with your S.O. Here are some cute and creative ways to get out or stay in with your beau this winter. And don't worry, bowling is NOT on the list.
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Cold Weather Date Ideas

1. Go to a wine bar. The best ones have comfy couches and fireplaces. Grab a glass (or three) and a cheese platter for an easy night out. Take it to the next level by visiting a local winery for the day. 2. Play in the snow. Whether you like to snowboard, ski or sled, bust out your winter gear and hit the mountains. Or simply build snowmen and roll snowballs. 3. Play OUT of the snow. Personally, a cabin with a fireplace beats a snow fight any day. 4. Sip on some hot chocolate. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea—it's the season to stock up on cozy beverages, whether at a charming cafe you've never been to or in the comfort of your own home. Up the ante and make it a toasty cocktail by adding some brandy. 5. Watch a movie in an old theater. Every city has their vintage theater that shows old or indie films. Grab a tub of popcorn and settle in for an afternoon in front of the big screen. 6. Visit a museum or art show. Support the arts—you'll feel very sophisticated, I promise. 7. Have a game night. Feel like a kid again when you play checkers, cards or Monopoly on your living room floor. Junk food is a must. 8. Bundle up for a brisk hike or walk. Take a stroll through hidden neighborhoods, check out the river's bike path or catch a heightened view from a nearby trail. You'll get some fresh air and warm up in no time. 9. Take the train somewhere. Anywhere! Hop on Amtrak and stay cozy while viewing the scenery. Pay a visit to a city you've never been to and have a mini adventure. 10. Netflix and cuddle. Have a movie marathon or binge watch that show everyone is talking about. When it's raining out you get a guilt-free pass to never leave your couch. Still want more date ideas? Read on... 15 Winter-Worthy December Date Ideas 20 Date Night Ideas for When It's Painfully Cold Outside 5 Activities That Will Absolutely Make You Fall More in Love  
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