5 Tips for Hosting an Amazing After-Party

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1. Stay local. 

Nobody wants to lose steam (or half of the group) en route to the after-party, so don’t venture too far after wrapping things up on the dance floor. A few months before your wedding, scout out bars or restaurants in the area that are open late and talk to the manager to reserve some space. Try to give your after-party venue of choice as much notice as possible when it comes to your guest list and any special requests so they can make the necessary arrangements.

2. Let people know. 

While after-parties don’t require the formality of an RSVP, it’s important to let your guests know the plan so that everyone is on the same page. Consider including a note on your wedding website if you’re inviting your entire guest list. If you’re hoping to keep the headcount down (read: no grandmas or embarrassing dads allowed), start by spreading the news to your bridal party. Ask them to help get the word out to any friends and relatives you want to see at the end of the night.

3. Keep the food and drinks coming. 

Chances are your guests will be hitting the bar in between visits to the dance floor, so they’ll need some sustenance to keep them in the party spirit. Talk to your after-party venue about providing late-night snacks. Some fun ideas to discuss include passed appetizers (hey there, chicken fingers and french fries), a sundae bar, or even a few pizza pies that can help keep the party going without things getting messy. And don’t forget about the adult beverages! Champagne and signature cocktails are a nice touch.

4. Don’t sweat the bill. 

Because after-parties are a relatively new addition to wedding festivities, there isn’t a set etiquette here. Just be sure to figure out the payment situation before the wedding day so you’re not stuck begging friends for cash. Talk to your parents to see if they’re willing to foot the bill or make it clear to your guests that the after-party is pay-as-you-go.

5. Plan for getting home. 

After a full night of partying, the festivities will eventually have to come to an end and everyone will have to go their merry way. Make sure you and your guests get home safe by looking into all your group transportation options. Reach out to local cab and bus companies, or get fancy with school buses, horse and carriage rides, and pedicabs. The options are endless, so make sure everyone gets home safe and sound!
Kimberly Watson
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