This Proposal Inspired by "The Notebook" Is Everything

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Everyone loves "The Notebook." Even if you like to say you don't, you secretly do. Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, dramatic rainy day kisses...done and done. Well, Cosmopolitan just found this amazing video where a guy recreated a scene from the movie to propose to his girlfriend who is a huge fan of the film (because she has a heartbeat). And he picked THAT scene. Yes, the oh-so-romantic one where Noah takes Allie on a magical rowboat ride across a lake filled with countless swans. See how it all goes down in this video: The guy (Angleo Piccini) knew that his girlfriend (Chiara) was a big fan of the movie, so he looked to the film for inspiration. After deciding on the scene, he brought in proposal planner Tiffany Wright of The One Romance to help with the details, like renting out the lake and filling it with 1,000 origami swans. ONE THOUSAND. Now that's true love. "I've tried to recreate a dream for you," Angelo told Chiara as she started to cry, "When we are together everything is possible." Le sigh. "The Notebook" wins again, Loverlies. Have you seen a creative engagement video recently? Do you have a sweet proposal story you want to share? Send us your ideas and stories at! romantic proposal Photo by Travis Grossen Browse more proposal inspiration on  
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