5 Relationship Problems You Can Actually Solve With Home Design

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Even the most compatible couples can end up fighting about the most mundane things. But don't let bickering about money, dirty dishes or date night become a regular event—let home design come to the rescue! Since many of these issues are based in surroundings, a few tweaks to your home décor could help you and your S.O. spend less time arguing and more time enjoying each other's company. READ UP: How to Remodel Your Relationship While Remodeling Your Home Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick Photo by Amazon Problem No. 1: Everything else takes priority over your relationship. Whether you've been married for 20 years or dating for six months, every relationship hits a rough patch where it gets neglected. Bills pile up, work turns stressful, kids gets sick—and romance gets pushed to the back burner. By setting up a special place in your home for you and your sweetie, you'll be encouraged to spend part of the day together—just the two of you. An outdoor setting like this provides instant romance. Plan a date at least once a week to enjoy your special spot with a bottle of wine or book of poetry (no cell phones allowed!) If a cozy outdoor venue isn't in the cards, push a bench near a window with a pretty view and cover the seat with plush pillows and blankets. Anything soft will do. Eclectic Living Room;Relationship Problems You Can Actually Solve With Home Design Photo by Eclectic Living Room Scattering little happy reminders of your relationship throughout the house can also help when priority slips. When you don't have a spare second for romance, they can keep you in each other's minds. Photos, framed tickets or a blushing bouquet can make all the difference, helping even the most utilitarian corners of your house feel filled with love. Mahoney Architects & Interiors: More than cookies in the oven...Relationship Problems You Can Actually Solve With Home Design Photo by Mahoney Architects and Interiors Problem No. 2: Communication has gone out the window. With all the distractions of day-to-day life, it's easy to misunderstand what your loved one is saying. And of course, misunderstandings can quickly lead to an argument. Having a conversation in person — not on a cell phone or via text message — and without distractions can make a world of difference. Hide your TV, for example, and don't just turn the set off — tuck it away entirely. Let your living room or family room become a space that's just about the two of you and your conversation. Divine Kitchens LLC Photo by Divine Design+Build Having a phone and computer station is just as important. When you get home, resist the urge to spend dinnertime on your cell phone as your sweetie chats with you about the day. Even if you think you're hearing everything, odds are you aren't. Commit to stashing your phone and computer in another room as soon as you get home from work. Keep the ringer on for important calls, but don't sit around playing with your phone. Classic White Paint Photo by Rob Kane - Kitchen Interiors Inc. Problem No. 3: You can't agree on finances. For couples that are in the early stages of living together, figuring out how to deal with money can be incredibly stressful. Arguments can arise from all sorts of situations, but staying organized and being honest can help prevent a lot of them. Have a shared space where both of you can access all of your financial information. Whether it's a drawer, a file cabinet or an entirely separate desk, make sure that it stays organized and place budget goals in a highly visible place. Create a system that both of you agree on - who is responsible for which bills - and stick with it. A calendar will definitely help make sure you each know when the bills need to be paid. Write down both of your financial strengths and weaknesses and keep each other accountable. START BROWSING: Organize Your Finances in a New Desk San Francisco Kitchen & Bath Photo by Dijeau Poage Construction Problem No. 4: Doing housework inevitably leads to an argument. In most relationships, each individual has a very different approach to housework. One might be a neat freak while the other is a complete slob. The best thing to do is be up front about your cleanliness preferences — and try to be sympathetic about your significant other's. Of course, that only goes so far, so assigning chores and sticking with them is really the best bet. Yes, it feels childish...but it also works. Come up with a chore chart based on what needs to be done weekly and monthly in the house and make sure that it feels fair to the both of you. Give each person the chores they like and rotate the ones that you both hate. Nothing builds resentment faster than when one person does all the work because the other keeps forgetting, so stay accountable with your housework! Do your best to make your chore zones pleasant. Clean up the laundry room, organize the linen closet and purchase a few snazzy cleaning supplies. It's amazing how a nice environment can motivate you both to get the job done. Mill Valley, CA Photo by Urrutia Design Problem No. 5: The bedroom is feeling anything but romantic. A bedroom redesign can drastically influence your time spent in there. If your bedroom feels messy, cluttered, and disorganized, it's easy to feel stressed and unhappy when you're getting into bed at the end of a long day. But if your bedroom is clean, soothing, and open, you and your honey will love getting into bed at night. First things first: Clear out all the clutter. A feng shui principle is to raise your bed off the floor and sweep away any clutter underneath to let energy flow freely in the room. GET INSPIRED: Ask a Professional Organizer Blue/Cream Bedroom Photo by Muse Interiors Next, get the lighting right. Too little or too much can make a bedroom feel uncomfortable and restricted. Rely on several different sources of light — lamps, chandeliers, and sconces. Install dimmers wherever possible and scatter candles for extra romance. Third, stick with a soothing color palette. Cooler colors in the same tones feel instantly relaxing. Blues, grays, and greens are especially calming. Feel free to add dimension with texture, but keep everything in the same palette. Last but not least, get rid of all electronics in the bedroom. TVs, computers, and phones can turn what should be a haven into a stressful place. If possible, set up a spot in your bedroom where you and your loved one can relax without being in bed. A cozy sitting area can allow you to relax and enjoy each other's company before you hit the hay. -Read more now: How to Get Married in Your Own Backyard This Touching Video Will Teach You the 12 Secrets to a Long Lasting Marriage (VIDEO) Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Major Wedding Inspiration  
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