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At the beginning of your relationship, romantic gestures were likely happening on the regular. At the very least, you were probably sending (and receiving) some pretty flirty texts. But as you settle into your togetherness, romance can get lost amid the work stress, social obligations, and inevitable conversations about whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher (sexy). To reignite that spark you had during the early days, try out some of these super easy little tricks. They're guaranteed to bring sexy back.

1. Invest in some Post-It notes.

Honestly, romance is as easy as keeping as pack of Post-Its (and a pen) in your nightstand — that way when you look for your chapstick (or your retainer, we’re not judging) you’ll be reminded to write a sweet note for your partner and stick it on his or her pillow, the headboard, the bathroom mirror, wherever. It’s not a bad idea to sneak a pack into your beloved’s nightstand too so he/she can be similarly inspired.) For a more involved DIY, turn some kind of surface in your home (a picture frame, the inside of a cabinet, maybe even a wall) into a chalkboard so you can leave cute notes for each other that way.

2. Don’t forget cards. 

When buying birthday or holiday gifts, make sure to get a card to go along with it — an often forgotten accessory these days. Find something that speaks to your sweetie, whether it’s sweet and sentimental, a little bit naughty or super silly. If you don’t want to buy a greeting card (because, honestly, most of those drugstore ones are super lame), make one! Regardless of what kind of card you choose to give, the note is the most important part. Something handwritten is often more cherished than the present itself, after all, and gives you the chance to share your most sincere feelings.

3. Make a big deal when one of you comes home. 

When’s the last time you jumped out of your chair to greet your partner when he or she got home from work? (And vice versa?) It may sound silly but being excited to see your person will put both of you in a good mood. If you’re the first one to walk in the door, maybe light a candle or put on some relaxing music to set the tone for the evening. Then, when your love comes home, give him or her a big hug as soon as the door opens. It will make you both feel totally awesome.

4. Cook together once a week. 

Going out to eat is a ritual for most of us — especially when it comes to date night. No mess, no dishes, no work. But cooking something together from scratch can actually be a relaxing bonding experience! So don’t overlook the idea of having a meal at home, even if you think you can’t cook.

5. Start a “no phones” rule.

Whether you’re constantly checking work emails, playing CandyCrush, or scrolling Instagram, you likely spend much of your supposed “downtime” online. Talk to your partner about creating some parameters so you can have more face time together IRL…not with your devices. A good rule might be to not check your phones during dinner or not bring your phones into bed with you at night. These parameters will give you more opportunities for enjoying each other and make getting into a romantic mood much easier.

6. Make a local bucket list for more creative dates. 

It’s so easy to get stuck in a date night rut. Dinner-and-a-movie? Done and done. Break out of your routine by creating a list of places you’d each like to visit in town — a new wine bar, a museum, even a park. Trying new things is not only a great way to shake things up, but studies have shown that having new experiences together can also majorly boost your bond.

7. Wear cute underwear — even when you’re just hanging out in your sweats.

Oftentimes, romance is a state of mind. And while we’re all about being comfortable on the couch, a little effort can go a loooong way. So even if you’re just lounging at home, binge-watching the last season of “Game of Thrones” or the newly released episodes of “House of Cards,” throw on something spicy under those ratty sweatpants. You’ll automatically feel more sexy, even though you’re not doing anything super racy. Yet…
Kellee Khalil
About The Author
Kellee Khalil is the Founder & CEO of Loverly. She lives in upstate NY with her fiancé and two dogs.
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