The Millennial’s Guide to Reducing Stress in Your Relationship This Year

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Are you and your S.O. setting some new #RelationshipGoals in 2018? Make your partnership stronger than ever by cutting out unnecessary stress and vowing to be more open, honest, and spontaneous. Here are ten ways to make your relationship happier and healthier this year.

1. Be honest.

Truthfulness eliminates the stress caused from keeping secrets, guarding emotions, or worrying about what your better half is up to. When you lay it all out on the table, you can talk through your issues in a calm and constructive way.

2. Know when to spend time apart. 

As much as you love your partner, you can’t be with him or her all of the time. Take a step back from your relationship and reconnect with friends and family. Spending even one hour apart will give you a new perspective on whatever situation you’re currently tackling.

3. Don’t assume. 

Don’t ever assume negative things about your partner. Whether you’re positive that he or she is being unfaithful or you think they’re up to something shady, it’s best not to assume. Talk it out and your S.O. will be sure to set the record straight.

4. Accept your better half. 

Tons of stress can come from one person trying to change the other. Love your partner for the person that he or she is and don’t try to change their physical appearance, personality traits, or interests.

5. Be present.

It’s so easy to constantly be plugged into your phone or computer, even around your significant other. Remember to be totally present when you’re with him or her to avoid arguments and make sure that you’re truly listening to the conversation or participating in the activity.

6. Seek help if you need it. 

Don’t be afraid to seek counseling if you and your S.O. need a place to discuss your relationship. Having someone to talk to and advise can be a huge relief.

7. Determine where the stress is coming from. 

Is the stress you’re feeling coming from a specific scenario or problem, or is it coming from the partnership as a whole? If it’s specific to one incident, tackle the problem head on, and work through it with your partner. If you’re finding that it’s the relationship that’s stressing you out, it might be time to reconsider.

8. Don’t play the comparison game. 

Whether it’s a cute engagement photo posted to Instagram, a sweet comment on Twitter or a brand new couple making it official on Facebook, there are tons of opportunities to compare your relationship to other couples on social media. Save yourself the extra stress and don’t compare your relationship to others you know little about.

9. Avoid arguments. 

Every couple has those touchy topics that always start an argument. If you know talking about engagement rings makes your better half touchy, it’s best to just avoid the subject. We’re not saying that you should totally limit your conversations out of fear, but just be considerate when broaching tricky topics.

10. Make plans together. 

Spending quality time together will help you remember why you’re in a relationship in the first place. Plan a date night out or a night at home to de-stress and spark up some romance.
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