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Loaded with the latest market trends, Minted offers couples a diverse collection of unique wedding invitation designs.  
Minted’s versatile collection of unique art breathes fresh air into customization options for wedding invitations. So whether you want a brand new design from scratch or would simply like to customize a design from their impressive list of independent marketplace artists, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that matches your wedding style. 
Once you get to choosing the stationery in the wedding planning process, you should know that it's more than just telling your guests the wedding date, it's your first chance at telling them how excited the two of you are about getting married! Invitation suites not only include the wedding invitation, but the RSVP cards, the details card, the picture perfect save the date designs, as well as a few other key messaging elements. 
Plus, customization goes a long way with your invitation suite and can include customizing style options for the paper itself and extends to color themes, foil colors, Silhouette™ shape, and various paper stock styles. With five different types of paper, customizing the actual look and feel becomes a seamless process when you work with invitation design experts who know what they’re talking about.  
But if you still need some guidance on where to start in your customization and design process, we sat down with some stationery experts to get their recommendations on where to start and how to create your dream design.

Step 1: Speak with a Complimentary Wedding Concierge 

If you’re starting your wedding invitation process but are feeling a little overwhelmed or need something truly unique, then the Minted Personal Wedding Concierge is for you!  Let them help you find your unique design with a complimentary 30-minute consultation that can be tailored to your wedding needs to help make your vision come to life! 
To get started, simply head to the Minted website and schedule your appointment. From there they can talk you through all of your questions or concerns to help guide you in the right direction. 

Step 2: Choose your custom paper stock

By the time you’ve decided between two or three designs you’ll want to know which ones work best with which paper. Ideally, you want the type of paper that’ll compliment the colors and style of your design. Below we’ve included a breakdown of the different paper options for you to start to get familiar in order to make your decisions.


If you prefer a thick, luxurious heritage stock, Signature is one of the most popular paper types. Favored by classic and modern nearlyweds alike, Signature matte is a lovely way to show off color, designs, and photos (that includes your save the date card). If you have your eyes set on a beautiful card with bright hues and vivid images, this is your ultimate stationery pick.


For couples who go wild for touches of sparkle and glam, pearl white shimmer paper is the way to go. This iridescent paper adds glow and glimmer to save the dates and invitations. For brides planning fairy tale "I do’s," the shimmer adds a serious romantic flair that looks magical.


This ultra thick paper is simply marvelous if you're dreaming of a wedding with loads of elegance. For soon to be newlyweds who want to make an impressive statement, premium double thick matte is absolutely striking. This page adds a little extra finesse for a personalized suite that's high on style.

Luxe Museum Board

Is Minted’s thickest paper and is virtually unbendable. The Luxe Museum Board is crafted from three layers of papers, features a smooth matte finish, and is just heavy enough so that your wedding guests will feel the importance of the event while reading the invitation.

Environmentally Friendly Paper

From the inner envelope to the outer envelope, most of the papers are FSC certified, carbon neutral, recycled from 100% post-consumer materials, and are manufactured using wind power so you can rest easy at night, not worrying about safe environmental practices. 

Step 3: Find your wedding invitation designs by style & theme

If you decide to use a design that’s already been made, you really can’t get any more detailed than the eleven wedding styles plus seven themes that are featured in their catalog.


Customize the color theme and Silhouette™ shape of Abstract Jewels for a very modern aesthetic which loops together a few abstract shapes in muted colors with all your important details in a centered vertical rectangle.  

Simple & Minimalist

Choose Emery if you’re thinking of keeping things simple. With the designs slightly cursive lettering, one tone background, and semi circular top and bottom foils, you could keep a shimmer while still maintaining that minimalist vibe. 


For all those nature-loving, outdoorsy types that are planning to have a rustic wedding, check out The Forest if you want to be in nature even with your stationery design plans too! With earthy colors that depict time of day and mood, you're sure to give your guests a hint of what’s to come for the wedding day. 


If you happen to be a pair of romantics who love starry nights, it won’t be hard falling in love with Sparkling Night Sky and gazing into its dazzling colored foils; each of the three color themes transporting you to varying levels of bohemian pizazz.  


Gilded Paint Swoops showcases waves of shiny foil underneath a single solid color, attributing to the striking contrast between the sweeping movement of the foil strokes and the matte of the letters. 


This one, as you might’ve guessed, is more focused on the wordplay as well as the big font types. With playful epigrams such as “Bring Your Best Dance Moves” and “Let's Dance” these invitation suites help break the ice in an amusing way. 

Classical & Formal

Staying classy is easy when you have two arches of foil that encompass the invitation information as if already ushering in your guests like dawning. An elegant mixture of fancy cursive and non-cursive font types helps draw in the formality and import of such an event and helps guide your guests to the style of this wedding. 


Whether you’re planning for the wedding to be during the warmer months or you’re thinking about using the metaphor that your love for each will be in full bloom, having an invitation full of colorful flowers is a nice temperate option for a relaxed, down-to-earth vibe. Check out the simple beauty of Layered florals. Customize the color theme and foil color between hot and cool colors to match the mood of your wedding.


With Deco Starbust you enjoy that inherent vintage feel, full of elaborate comet-like dashes and dots. Whether you’re throwing a Formal wedding or a Boho wedding this style is altogether timeless, yet retro, and blends well with a lot of different wedding themes. 

Bold & Typographical

If you’re all about how the wedding info looks without any superfluous distractions and love large cursive fonts that clearly identify the names of the soon to be newlyweds, then try the illustrious yet clean Arcadia


Perhaps the most versatile section, the illustrative styled wedding invitation suites typically showcase Minted’s accomplished artistry with practical yet romantic designs such as Garden Lights. This particular card could go well with virtually any wedding, although corresponding best to ones that are expected to be outdoors in the evening.

Beach & Nautical

You’d think the only time to have a Beach & Nautical theme invitation suite would be for a beach or destination wedding, but some of the designs on Minted are very open ended and translate well for simply setting the mood of the wedding like the smooth and soulful strokes of apogean tide.


So you’ve got a unique spot where you’re having the wedding, why not compliment this with a subtle nod to where it’ll be?  Minted has tons of illustrations that have artistic silhouettes and portraits of mountains, forests, and even a nice rustic themed card called In the country could clue the guests in on the location.  


Photos of the wedding couple are always a charming way to show your love, especially if you happened to have some picture perfect moments during your engagement shoot. Gilded Frame showcases a custom photo of your choice as the upper half with the invite info below and a foil border connecting the two.


Much of the art on Minted are original watercolors. While many of them depict scenes of nature, others are a little more abstract such as oponki, displaying the bold beauty of watercolor with varying shades of a single color. Cloudy yet regal. 


A nice decorative monogram could be enough of a design to get your point across. Choose Initialed for a large cursive letters including a fancy ampersand in a scintillating foil color of your choice. 


Want to include your family’s roots? Minted has also got your heritage in mind, whether your backgrounds are Chinese, Jewish, or even Indian with this beautiful Henna design displaying a rainbow of swirling colors and shapes in accordance to traditional Henna.  

Step 4:  Determine Any Add-On or Optional Suite Accessories 

Besides exclusive offers such as free recipient addressing, Minted also includes a variety of optional accessories to include in your invitation suite such as an assortment of mix colored envelopes with corresponding slip-in liners as well as Skinny Wrap Address™ labels; you could also include wax seals and belly bands for an extra embellished feel, helping turn your wedding invitations into true eye catchers. 

Custom & Local Artist Design Services

If you want to go with a one-of-a-kind or personalized design, you can connect with one of Minted’s marketplace artists. From watercolor illustrations to custom maps, your dedicated Minted artist can help bring your dream vision to life for your entire stationery suite.  To start, you’ll write an initial request form. A member of their Minted Marketplace of Artists team will reach out to you (typically between 1-2 business days) to complete a design brief which will elaborate on your specific needs and wants.
Soon after this they’ll send over a quote and you’ll be able to schedule an appointment with a dedicated designer to discuss your vision in more detail.
Once you purchase your custom design service and stationery your dedicated designer will get to work creating your custom design, directly working with you to incorporate your feedback along the way until it’s absolutely perfect.

Popular Custom Requests

As you start brainstorming ideas, especially if you’re going with a custom design, it’s good to get an idea on which direction others went when they had their own custom design made. 

Watercolor Illustrations

For all those fine art lovers, why not turn your wedding stationery into a work of art with a custom, hand-painted watercolor illustration. Who knows, perhaps after your big day you’’l want to make a collage of it all and frame it!

Custom Maps

Keep guests informed and share your favorite local spots with a custom map that matches the style and tone of your wedding experience. Pro-tip: Maps are great for destination weddings!

Venue Illustrations

Bring your venue or location alive through your wedding stationery with a custom venue illustration. Looking for a statement suite? Try combining venue illustrations with letterpress printing for an extra luxurious look and feel.  

End-to-End Wedding Suites

Don’t just get your wedding invitations designed, customize the whole suite! Your dedicated artist and designer can create an entirely custom suite that stretches from your save-the-date to your wedding website, all the way through to your day of stationery and thank you cards, shop Minted for stationery that's always fresh!
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