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Choosing your day of stationery is just as important as your invitations, but before you start you should know the purpose of every piece of paper.
Your wedding day stationery falls somewhere between practical and straight up decorative with thousands of different ways you can and should dress up your ceremony and your reception, but what’s it all for? 
In this article, our wedding experts break down the importance of wedding day signage and why your Ceremony and Reception signage are essential to the overall flow of your wedding day. 
The Informative Meets The Decorative
The true purpose for most of these cards and signs are to help guide and inform your guests of various day-of events such as where are individual guests to be seated during the reception; who’s a part of the bridal party; what’s there to eat and drink?
Besides having stationery that informs guests, a lot of couples even hang funny and/or romantic aphorisms on the walls, or have purely decorative stationery such as paper cocktail napkins or wedding bunting banners. It can be whatever you two want. Remember, it is a day to celebrate the two of you after all!

The Essential & The Optional

If your event is the only one at the venues you’ve chosen, you might want to consider cutting down on some of your day of signage, especially if you’ve planned a smaller, more intimate wedding. 
Escort Cards Instead of Place Cards 
One of those optional pieces of signage is the place card. Instead of having assigned seats for everyone at every table, you can place escort cards in the front of the reception hall that tell individual guests their table number. 
In some cases, if you plan on providing everyone with a personalized welcome bag of party favors, having a guest’s name on each bag at every seat could replace the place card, while also acting as one. 
Wedding Signs & Seating Charts
Another way to circumvent the use of copious amounts of paper when it’s simply not needed is the use of seating charts and wedding signs.
Instead of ordering a hundred or more individual escort cards, stick to a large custom seating chart. By listing the names of everyone at each table on a large custom seating chart you’re essentially replacing assigned seats while still keeping it organized with assigned tables for all your guests.
If your wedding is in the fall, check out Autumn Vows for a colorful seating chart. Depending on your wedding style and how you’ve set up the rest of your wedding stationery suite, the seating chart will help save time and money and will keep things organized so that everything continues to run as smoothly as possible. 
Pro Tip:
The one table that should always have exact seating, regardless of the wedding size and style is the wedding party table.
Some couples use extravagant banners with their names surrounded by marquise lights as their welcome sign, while others have a marble tablet with their names flecked in gold script to announce to guests that they’ve arrived. 
Recent trends show many couples have been going for more of a minimalist approach with simple welcome signs such as the Grove for its charming botanical vibe perfect for outdoor weddings or something with a more modern aesthetic like Kenai with its simple, yet abstract bordered pattern. 
Menu Boards Instead of Cards
Replace all those menu cards with a big menu board near the cocktail bar which lists all the food options as well as another board for the different drinks and cocktails available. 
Or, if you’re having a buffet style cocktail hour or dinner, you can place fancy labels on your buffet tables listing each type of food so it’s not a guessing game and you know exactly what you’re eating. 
Wedding Venues That Host Multiple Events
If your wedding is located at a large venue where multiple events are happening throughout the day, consider printing more directional stationery. This is mainly so that your guests don’t get lost and know exactly where your party is at all times.
While you’re at it tie a few balloons at every sign and maybe even place a bouquet on the stand too!
End-to-End Invitation Suite
Whatever style and theme you decide on, you’ll want all of the stationery to match–both in color and in style. That’s where Minted comes into play.
With their full service end-to-end invitation suites you’ll get everything. And we mean everything. From those pre-bridal save-the-dates all the way to your party favor tags and stickers, down to those timely thank you cards, Minted has considered every aspect of your wedding stationery! 
Fun & Games
While a lot of the day's signage is informative and helps guide your wedding guests here and there, some of the stationery can and should definitely be fun. Your stationery shouldn't all be about fancy letter writing.
Why not have games and activities so that not only can guests eat, drink, dance, and talk, but they can also play too!
Your wedding day doesn’t have to be all tradition, many contemporary wedding couples have already included personalized board games or outdoor activities (depending on whether your venue is indoors or out), made custom for their big day. 
Also, if you’re planning on having a photobooth at the reception, don’t forget to bring all those funny photo booth props and signs. Mix it up with both DIY props as well as store bought!  

Gifts For The Wedding Party

During the wedding day it’s customary for the newlyweds to provide gifts to everyone who’s a part of the wedding party. 
From Monogram bags and pouches to custom puzzles, Minted's style shop has a unique collection of wedding party gifts that both your bridesmaids and groomsmen will love.
If you’re looking to give your best friend something with a sentimental touch yet is still artsy, browse all their photo gifts, they even have custom candles & votive holdersa cocktail shaker (so keep that bar cart close!) and snap canvas totes as welcome bags and favors for all your friends.
Pro Tip:
If you want to enjoy your celebration and not spend as much on your stationery try Minted More and save 20% plus free standard shipping on everything for an entire year!
If you’re here, you’re more than likely almost home-free, finally putting those last few touches of your wedding down with us, your favorite wedding planner, or you're looking inspiration for last minute ideas that could help spruce up your wedding day decor, either way you’ve gotten through most of the heavy lifting. So have fun making your big day larger than life by shopping with Minted!
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