At-home Date Night Ideas To Keep The Spark Alive In Self-Isolation

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The world feels kind of intense right now, and it’s not easy to be self-isolating amidst all this mess, especially when you’re stuck at home with the same person all day long. This is a recipe for disaster—or at least boredom. When you can’t go out on your usual date nights, how do you keep up with romance? Of course, it’s better for us to stay in for now, but this whole situation isn’t exactly conducive to passion. Well, if you’re in need of a little help, here are five ways you can turn up the heat even when you’re stuck at home all day long.

Have A Couple's Self-care Night

Have you ever seen your partner with a mud mask on? Let me tell you, that is intimacy 101. Time to whip out your skincare products, pop on a good movie, and get to pampering. Start off the night with a calming bubble bath…yes for both of you! Or if you can't fit or don't have a tub, try a couple's shower. Then move on to a cleansing face mask to be followed by a sheet mask to moisturize. Finally, whip out the massage oils and get to it! And don’t forget the ambiance, dim those lights, spark up some candles, and set the tone for a relaxing and rejuvenating night of love.

Have A Romantic Candle-lit Dinner (At Home!)

Back to setting the mood. Nothing is as romantic as a beautiful dinner out with wine, candlelight, and your love. Now, just do the same thing without the whole “out” part! Not only can you have that same romantic fancy dinner, but you have the added fun of cooking it together! Take some time in the morning to pick out a recipe that you’ll both love and when dinner time comes around, start cooking. Be sure to take turns preparing the dish so you can both get yourselves ready for your date night! Half of the fun of going out is getting dressed up, and who says you can’t dress up for dinner in your own house? Put on some makeup, wear your favorite slinky outfit, and dab on some cologne or perfume. Romance is in the air! No sweatpants at this table—at least for tonight.

Play A Game (With A Twist)

You know those cheesy dice they give out at bachelorette parties? One says a body part and the other says an action. Well, think along those lines. We’ll spare you the salacious details, but it’s quite possible to turn just about any game into a seductive adventure for two. Strip poker is a solid go-to, but if you aren’t too good at bluffing try to integrate some similar vibes into an existing game you have. Swap kisses for bills in Monopoly or Battleship but the loser has to...well, we'll leave that up to your imagination.

Bake Some Sweet Treats Together

Is there anything quite as sweet as something baked with love? Well, when you’re baking together that is twice as much love. That’s how math works! A lot of super delicious baked goods can be made with simple items you probably already have in your pantry, no need to run to the store. You can make these peanut butter cookies with just three ingredients. Whether you aim for simplicity or you’re already a baking master, your partner will be there every step of the way to help out and taste test! Do a quick search for basic baked goods and see what comes up, or scroll through Instagram together looking for the best recipes out there. What’s better than baking with your favorite person? Oh right, eating the results!

Write Each Other Love Letters And Read Them Aloud

We know this sounds cheesy, but hear us out! You have a lot of time on your hands and things may get a little tense if you’re both stuck inside at all hours of the day. Now is a great time to reflect back on what made you fall in love in the first place. Think of this as a practice vow-writing session. Take some time to really pour your heart out (preferably on paper) then sit down, get cozy, and read out what you wrote to one another. This may sound a little awkward at first, but nothing is more romantic than talking about why you love each other. Plus, you can save the letters as beautiful keepsakes to reminisce together over someday!
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