6 Tips for Merging Styles When You Move in with Your Partner

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1. Break up with your belongings. 

This move is about your new relationship, not your past. Consider letting go of things that are representative of your single life (or past relationships) and things that you just no longer need in the home you’re sharing with your partner. You need to make space in your life for building new memories together, and that means making some space in your home.

2. Learn how to compromise. 

Sure, you might detest the neon Miller sign your sweetheart has cherished since college, but with a little time, the Champagne of beers could also become your beverage of choice. Give your partner’s style a chance before putting your foot down. Our suggestion? Find new spots for things your partner loves; forget the “man cave” and consider bathrooms, hallways, offices, and guest bedrooms.

3. Embrace the eclectic.

You have your own unique personality, and your partner does as well. When the right balance is struck, both in relationships and in decor, the result can be perfectly harmonious. Make sure that there is a common theme to the mixing – we suggest choosing a color, a material, or a focal point to start from – and then watch your style as a couple unfold.

4. Box it up. 

Not ready to part with your collection of My Little Ponies because you’re convinced that they’ll be worth a fortune someday? Then keep a (small) space for storing the objects each of you can’t bear to part with just yet. Just be sure to revisit the box every six months and re-evaluate whether the treasure has become trash.

5. Go shopping.

Like you needed an invitation…but going shopping for your shared space can be one of the best by-products of moving in together! Choosing a few new items together that represent both of you will help each of you feel like you had a say in your new home and new life together. Just be sure to discuss your budget ahead of time; we’ve seen far too many couples melting down in IKEA because of differing opinions on how much to spend.

6. If you’re feeling frustrated, ask yourself if it’s REALLY about the decor.

Even if you’re totally in love with your partner, moving in together can be a scary process! So your irritation with her ratty old bedspread or his large collection of shot glasses might be more about your fears about the big step you’re taking together. Step back, ask yourself what’s really on your mind, and try to address those underlying issues.
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