What Your Engagement Ring Shape Says About You


If the engagement ring of your choice is oval shaped, like this Christopher Designs Engagement Ring, you march to the beat of your drum. You’re likely a trendsetter and often surprise your friends and family with your unique fashion flare. This oval ring is absolutely gorgeous, and sparkles and shines almost as much as you do.


If you’ve been eyeing this L’Amour Crisscut Pear diamond center engagement ring, you’re a go getter and have always been that way. You’re an adventure seeker and love traveling to see all that the world has to offer you. When it comes to love, you are still independent but fall hard and fast. Finding your forever love wasn’t an easy feat but once you met your partner, you knew they were the one for you.


This Christopher Designs engagement ring classic shape will never go out of style! This shape is for you if you’re an old soul with a romantic side to you as well. You like to stick to your own routine, and love alone time but you also have a wonderful group of friends that you would do anything for. You love fiercely and deserve a ring shape that is just as classy and remarkable as you are.


If the ring of your choice is the Emerald Christopher Designs engagement ring, you’re all about glitz and glam. You love dressing up at every occasion and testing out different makeup looks on you and your friends. You are also incredibly loyal to your loved ones and treat everyone with kindness no matter who they are or what they look like. Your heart is pure, and you treat your partner with the utmost respect and love. This ring was truly made for someone special like you. 


If you love the look of this Christopher Designs Engagement Ring in the cushion style, you’re a romantic with a heart of gold. You’ve always loved rom coms and hearing stories about others finding their forever love. Once you found your soulmate, you knew that real love was in fact something you could find too. This ring evokes romance and elegance and is truly a perfect fit for you.


If you love the look of this Christopher Designs engagement ring in the Asscher cut, you have a vintage-like style and love retro jewelry and fashion. Your style icon is likely Audrey Hepburn and you adore listening to Frank Sinatra in the wintertime. You hold on tight to your partner and cherish every day with them. This ring is a special shape that speaks to your elegant fashion sense, but also your amazing love that you have found. 
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