Unveiled: How to Nail a Non-Traditional Wedding Headpiece

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The image of a bride wearing a veil on her wedding day is as iconic, but it's not for everyone. So if a veil isn’t exactly your style, read on for our tips on how to make one of the lovely alternatives work for your wedding. 
The crown
Kate Tiara From Happily Ever Borrowed Nothing says royalty more than a crown or tiara. This style is definitely for the hyper-feminine gal, and will command attention without putting forth a lot of effort. Our suggestion is keep your hair simple and modern to keep the look elegant and sophisticated. 
The headband  
For the bohemian gal, florals at every wedding festivity are a must—so why not elevate the I idea(literally!) and use them in place of a traditional veil? Not only is it economical, but there are endless color, arrangement, and style choices. Just be sure not to overdo flowers in your bouquet so the emphasis stays on the buds above. For a lovely modern look, opt for just leaves in your halo. 
The fascinator
A fascinator is a perfect opportunity for your originality to shine through. Made famous by British royalty, fascinators had their most prominent moments during the royal wedding in 2011, and have turned into a three-years-and-counting trend. We suggest trying on several fascinators in person or working with a milliner to get a sense of what size and placement works best with your visage 
The turban 
At the intersection of elegant and eclectic is the bridal turban.Of all the choices, it's the most avant-garde, but if it's pulled off successfully you'll likely go down in all your guests' books as the chicest bride to walk down the aisle. Talk about a modern twist! 
Kellee Khalil
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