4 Flowers NOT to Pick for Your Spring Wedding

Your invitations, your way.
Don’t you wish choosing wedding flowers was as easy as finding a few that you liked and telling your florist what you want? Unfortunately, there’s one major factor that might limit your selection: the seasons. The blooms that are fresh in the summer and fall aren’t in their best shape in the spring.
Before going off to your florist with a list of flowers you want, make sure you avoid these out-of-season varieties (and follow some of our suggestions for better seasonal choices).

1. Sunflowers.

While their bright yellow petals have a spring-y feel, sunflowers reach their peak in July through September, so they won’t be at their freshest in this season. Plus, these blooms are packed with pollen, which won’t make guests with allergies feel as happy as these florals look. Instead, opt for peonies. They’re not bright yellow, but like sunflowers, their size definitely makes a statement. Pink petals always look appropriate for spring, and you can even get a dose of yellow if the flower’s stamens peek out between the petals. 

2. Chrysanthemums.

Speaking of allergies, chrysanthemums (often called mums) are possibly the worst of all when it comes to causing watery eyes and sniffles. Remember, even if you don’t have spring allergies, some of your guests might. At the very least, leave them out of table arrangements and your attendants’ bouquets. Instead, go with ranunculus. These blooms have a similar size and shape as mums, and they can be used on their own or in an assortment of blooms. With tons of colors to choose from, you won’t feel like you’re compromising on this swap. 

3. Cosmos.

While bright, classic looking cosmos definitely lend a look of a lush garden to your wedding, this variety really peaks in the late summer.
Instead, pick gerbera daisies. Gerberas have that same classic flower shape, with a clear center and plenty of petals — often in the same magenta or bright pink as a cosmo, though you can get them in countless colors. Plus, these babies are in season all year long. 

4. Delphinium.

This tall purple flower (which also goes by the name of larkspur) is a popular choice for couples who choose a purple color palette. You can find these all year long, but their color really looks best in June through October. Instead, add grape hyacinth. Get that dose of purple instead from a stem of grape hyacinth, whose round flowers really do look a little bit like a bunch of grapes. Splash it in as an accent to your bouquet or table centerpieces to complement your color palette. Don’t forget, most flowers are available even if they’re not in season — you’ll likely just end up paying more for those blooms. 
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