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Some big day colors just never go out of style, but you shouldn't feel like you have to stick to the most popular choices. There are so many shades that don't get the attention they deserve, and incorporating some of these hues to your palette can make your wedding stand out. Check out these six sweet but underrated colors.

1. Burgundy 

Red represents romance, which might be why it makes an appearance in weddings all the time. But its darker counterpart shade emits sultry and chic vibes. We think it's best for a more formal and nighttime event. Also, it looks lovely on bridesmaids, as a lipstick shade, or even in linens.
Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash
Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

2. Tangerine 

When it comes to wedding colors, orange tones aren't exactly the most popular. We get it: orange can be overwhelming and an eyesore when done poorly. However, softer, more subtle hues like tangerine or creamsicle, can give your "I dos" a playful and energetic vibe. No matter what shade you use, be sure to include lots of neutrals. An accent color, like its complementary blue or an analogous yellow, can soften its effect even more.

3. Burnt Yellow

Bright yellows like sunshine and marigold really can't be compared to a darker shade of yellow like goldenrod or saffron. If you pick a yellow with brown undertones, it can almost serve as a neutral and it lets you play with more color combos. Can you imagine how stunning a burnt yellow would look with deep oranges and greens for a fall ceremony?

4. Lime

When it comes to greens, dark hues, and mint take all the glory. But there's a strong case for using lime green in your "I dos." We're not talking neon lime green — more like the color of an actual lime. Pair it with other citrus colors like lemon or orange, and mix in plenty of beige and white.

5. Indigo

Couples tend to choose a distinct color, and being in between blue and purple makes indigo a less popular choice. But this middle tone is perfect for couples who just can't decide between different shades. Plus, it's unexpected without being totally shocking.

6. Mulberry

This purple-red hue will wow your guests way more than any shade of plum or lavender ever could. Paired with natural colors like dark green and brown, this vibrant purple will stand out without overwhelming your entire wedding.
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